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Welcome to the Canadian Working Dog Foundation Our Mission is to provide a safe and secure outlet for dog fanciers to train, title and have fun. We always keep ourselves and dogs acting like responsible members of society and hope that our members will do the same.

We do not tolerate bashing or slanderous gossiping amongst our events and club members. Our goal is to training at all levels and responsible dog ownership. We have many talented people within our group that are always willing to offer help and advise when needed.

We will have a deep focus on weight pull for those that have been waiting around with your dogs for Canada to bring this about. Well we are doing and doing it first and best, guaranteed. Beginners and advanced people are always welcome, we will help you and your dog become weight pull champs!!


Thank-You and please enjoy your visit, be sure to check back often as the site is still under construction.

Visit our events page to see some of what is coming up in your area!!!




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